The Company

Jericho Security stands at the forefront of the battle between cybersecurity and the ever-evolving threat of generative artificial intelligence. The menace of malicious AI attacks looms larger than ever, posing a grave danger to industries worldwide. Jericho is at the forefront, committed to safeguarding against the relentless assault of next-gen cyber threats. Leveraging unparalleled expertise in sophisticated analytics and cutting-edge educational frameworks, we are on a mission to protect the digital realm in this trust revolution. Join us in this quest to secure the digital world and be part of the trust revolution!

The Role

As the first Account Executive at Jericho Security, you won't just be part of the team – you'll be a key player in driving growth. Your role involves navigating the landscape of business development, collaborating closely with our clients, and contributing to the success of our innovative cybersecurity solutions. We're not just looking for a sales professional; we want a relationship builder, a strategic thinker who can leverage diverse channels to steer us towards unprecedented success.


  • Strategize & Execute: Lead business development initiatives across multiple channels, from direct outreach to social media, identifying the most effective channels for different client segments.
  • Build Client Relationships: Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and providing solutions that align with our cybersecurity offerings.
  • Sales Mastery: Utilize sales tools and strategies effectively. Manage leads, initiate campaigns, track conversions, and analyze ROI with precision.
  • Insightful Navigator: Act as a vigilant observer, interpreting campaign performance, deriving insights, and refining approaches for maximum impact.
  • Ensure our solutions are presented when and where they matter most. Industry Expert: Stay abreast of industry trends, deeply understanding our clients, and refining our product positioning accordingly.
  • Customer Advocate: Dive into the mindset of our clients, being attuned to their requirements, capturing feedback, and translating it into actionable steps. Step forth.

This isn't just a job; it's an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing saga of cybersecurity.

Join Jericho, and let's script this chapter together.

Relevant skills & experience

  • 3+ years of experience in sales at a Cyber B2B startup, preferably during the early scaling phase.
  • A profound understanding of client behavior and how sales strategies contribute to growth goals and conversion through the sales funnel.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to measure and interpret performance metrics, making data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  • Experience with sales strategies, client engagement, and relevant tools in the cybersecurity domain.
  • Experience in planning and executing large-scale engagement campaigns focused on conferences and events.