The Company

Jericho Security is the ultimate battleground where cyberdefense clashes with the constantly evolving menace of generative artificial intelligence. The threat of malicious AI attacks is greater than ever with its evolving efficiency placing all industries in peril. Jericho is taking on the challenge to protect all from the unrelenting assault of next-gen cyber attacks. With unparalleled expertise in sophisticated analytics and top-of-the-line educational frameworks, we are committed to defending others from the unimaginable scale and volume of attacks that only AI can unleash. Come join us in this quest to secure the digital world in this trust revolution!

The Role

As the inaugural marketer of Jericho Security, you won't just be in the driver's seat – you'll be designing the entire vehicle. Jericho Security's narrative, its growth trajectory, its very pulse – it's all in your hands. Navigate our growth terrains, work in tandem with our CEO, and light up the horizon as we gear up for an epic product launch. We're not just seeking a marketer; we want a storyteller, a strategist, a revenue wizard who can harness the potential of myriad channels to chart a course towards unparalleled growth.


    1. Strategize & Mobilize: Helm multi-channel campaigns spanning from email to the social media, decoding which channels resonate the most with our customer segments.
    2. Weave the Narrative: Craft compelling content, be it whitepapers, case studies, or captivating blog posts, that not only engages but educates our audience. Let metrics guide your story, offering insights ripe for action.
    3. Automation Mastery: Wield the might of marketing automation tools. Nurture leads, spark campaigns, track conversions, and pinpoint ROI with the precision only a true master can achieve.
    4. Insightful Vanguard: Be the eagle-eyed sentinel, gauging the heartbeat of our campaigns, deriving insights, and refining approaches for maximum impact. Ensure our content strikes when and where it matters most.
    5. Industry Sage: Immerse in the currents of our industry, understanding our clientele deeply, and molding our product positioning with finesse.
    6. Customer Whisperer: Dive deep into our customer psyche. Be the ear to their needs, capturing feedback, and transforming it into tangible action.

    Step forth. This isn’t just a job; it's a call to arms in the ever-evolving saga of cyber defense. Join Jericho, and let's pen this chapter together.

    Relevant skills & experience

    • 3+ years experience in marketing at a Cyber B2B startup, ideally in early days of scaling
    • A deep understanding of customer behavior and how marketing should be optimized to contribute to growth goals and conversion through the user funnel.
    • Strong analytical skills with the ability to measure and interpret campaign performance metrics and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.
    • Experience with digital marketing, content creation, demand generation, and marketing automation tools.
    • Experience planning and launching large conference focused engagement campaigns.